Chicago Wheelchair Transport Guide

Chicago Wheelchair Transport Guide

Navigating a bustling city like Chicago can be a daunting task, especially for individuals with mobility challenges. However, the good news is that the Windy City offers a plethora of wheelchair-friendly transportation options. In this “Chicago Wheelchair Transport Guide,” we delve into the various accessible transportation services. Whether you’re flying into O’Hare International Airport, exploring iconic landmarks, or simply commuting, Chicago has got you covered.

? Public Transport

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) ??

Contact: 312-836-7000
Website: CTA

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CTA operates both bus and rail services, covering the city and 40 neighboring communities. While the bus system is fully accessible, only 69% of the train stations are ADA-compliant. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan your train route carefully to ensure accessibility.


CTA buses are equipped with “kneeling” features and ramps, making them easily accessible. Priority seats and securement areas for wheelchairs are also available.

CTA ‘L’ (Train Service)

The ‘L’ train system is partially accessible. While all trains have space for wheelchairs, not all stations are equipped with elevators or ramps. It’s essential to check the accessibility of your specific route and stations before traveling.

Chicago Amtrak (Union Station) ?

Contact: (800) 872-7245
Website: Chicago Amtrak

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Union Station is not just a transit hub; it’s an architectural marvel, recognized as one of the top 10 Great Public Spaces for 2012. The station is fully equipped with ADA-compliant amenities such as barrier-free lifts, accessible restrooms, and ticket counters. Amtrak, being a government-operated service, is highly conscious of ADA regulations. However, wheelchair seating is limited, so it’s advisable to book in advance. While dining and lounge areas are generally not accessible, the staff is more than willing to assist with food and beverages.

Chicago Wheelchair Transport Guide

Private Transportation


Many taxi companies in Chicago offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Chicago Taxis ?

Open Taxi: (855) 928-1010
Yellow Cab: (312) 829-4222
Website: Yellow Cab Chicago

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Over 20 taxi companies in Chicago operate wheelchair-accessible minivans. These vehicles are equipped with ramps and securements for wheelchairs. However, Uber currently does not offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles in Chicago. It usually takes 15-20 minutes for an accessible taxi to arrive, so plan accordingly.

Rideshare Services

Uber and Lyft also provide accessible options, although availability may vary.

Chicago Accessible Van Rentals ?

Wheelchair Getaways

Contact: 800-637-2597
Website: Wheelchair Getaways

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For those who prefer the freedom of driving themselves, renting an accessible van is a viable option. Mobility Travel Rentals used to be a popular choice, but they have closed down. Wheelchair Getaways and Accessible Vans of America are good alternatives.

Chicago Wheelchair Transport Guide

Other Chicago Accessible Transit ?

AC Med Tran

Contact: 630.568.3850
Website: AC Med Tran

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AC Med Tran offers non-emergency medical transportation services. Although a bit on the pricier side, they provide reliable service, especially for airport transfers.

Disabled on the Go

Contact: (630) 972-0023
Website: Disabled on the Go

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This service offers specially equipped MV-1 LX limos designed to carry one wheelchair passenger plus three additional passengers. The service has received positive reviews for its attentiveness and reliability.

Special Needs Chicago

Contact: (630) 668-9999
Website: Special Needs Chicago

This service has over 15 years of experience and offers a range of accessible transportation options for individuals and corporate clients.

PACE Paratransit Services

Contact: 800-606-1282
Website: PACE

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Pace Bus offers limited hours and has different schedules for weekdays and weekends. It’s essential to check the schedule and plan your trip in advance.

?️ Plan Your Trip

Apps and Websites

Several apps and websites can help you plan an accessible route.

Accessibility Features

Look for features like real-time tracking and wheelchair-friendly filters.

Advance Booking

For specialized services, it’s advisable to book in advance.

? Safety First

Vehicle Inspection

Always ensure the vehicle meets safety standards.

Driver Training

Drivers should be trained to assist passengers with mobility challenges.

Emergency Protocols

Know the emergency protocols in case of an accident.

Additional Resources

Conclusion ?

Chicago offers a wide range of wheelchair-accessible transportation options, making it easier for everyone to explore this vibrant city. From trains and buses to taxis and specialized services, you’re sure to find a mode of transport that suits your needs. Just remember to plan ahead and double-check accessibility features, especially when using public transit.